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JackMarketing™ Services

Jack Kotowski, known as JackMarketing™, a certified affiliate manager with over 12 years of experience managing programs, and his team proudly offer the following consulting, Internet marketing, and website services. Click one of the links below to learn more about that program.

Affiliate Program Management
Proactive affiliate program management can make a huge difference in the performance of a program, and in a company's overall success. With over 12 years of experience managing multiple affiliate programs, the initial focus would be on forging new relationships for you. Communication would be targeted at affiliates known to have a great track record, but that may never have known of you otherwise. Direct, personal, private invitations are made. An internet forum is provided where the experienced affiliate community can learn about your program. Your program would also be included in announcements to the elite of the affiliate industry.

Programs have grown 3-10 times their size. As they say in the investments world, past results are no guarantee of future performance. However, there is a great chance that this would be a profitable investment in the future success of your company.

Other services provided for your affiliate program could include, but would not be limited to:

  • Promote program, including writing all system-wide affiliate communications
  • Create new links, and work with staff to create banners and marketing material
  • Upload links to affiliate system, and communicate their availability to affiliates
  • Provide administrative support for program
  • Handle day-to-day correspondence
  • Answer technical questions from affiliates
  • Carefully review, test sites, and process affiliate applications
  • Run regular transaction reports
  • Run monthly commission reports
  • Suggest improvements or report problems with the program
  • Write and send newsletters regularly to all affiliates
  • Maintain the content of the affiliate program administration system
  • Develop ongoing promotions and incentives
  • Actively seek out and recruit new affiliates
  • Retain existing affiliates
  • Account for charge-back transactions from your order processing system
  • Integrate programs with email marketing campaigns
  • Analyze monthly reports and make performance recommendations
  • Motivate affiliates
  • Solicit affiliates for program enhancements on an ongoing basis
  • Maintain and enhance affiliate relationships
  • Enforce all program policies
  • Monitor and ensure affiliate networks’ accuracy
  • Provide liaison between customer service and affiliates
  • Process reversals, monitor, and confirm order editing processes complete correctly
  • Maintain relations with the affiliate network
  • Stay up-to-date on the affiliate world, including new developments, "parasites," legal issues, etc.
  • Work to manage the program effectively including weekends, evenings, and non-traditional work hours as necessary to be responsive to affiliates, and to keep management informed of the state of the program at all times.

Website Testing and Usability Analysis. Is Your Site Working Right? [Back to Top]
We will immediately test, and then explain how your website is actually working for consumers in the real world, not how you and your staff think it works. A one day turn-around usability analysis of your website could increase your annual sales significantly. We have dozens of combinations of screen sizes, connection speeds, operating systems, PC and Mac platforms, and browsers to test with. We test what you look like from the real world, the consumers' world. We've found things that a 1000+ person IT department didn't find. We find ways that you may actually be preventing people from buying from you. You'll never know though, because research shows that they don't tell you, they just leave and buy from your competitors instead. Don’t let all of that time and money you spent to get them to your site be wasted!

Marketing Channel Management [Back to Top]
Search (or PPC) Campaigns and Affiliate Programs can work together. We will show you how. We also offer consulting to advertisers who would like to ensure that the proper channel receives credit for all sales. Advertisers can be confident they will pay ONLY for the legitimate referrer, whether it was from an affiliate or their search campaign. Networks and third-party program providers offer minimal services and resources in this area because there is no incentive for them to prevent this behavior among their affiliates. There is actually a dis-incentive for them, because the greater the commissions, earned or not, the greater their percentage. Fraud prevention is an extremely important service that can dramatically impact the profitability of an affiliate program. We’ll ensure that you don’t pay fraudulent commissions, but that you do accurately reward and build great lasting relationships with your productive affiliates.

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