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JackMarketing™ Testimonials

“He’s been great. He was a great find for us.
- Nick Swinmurn, the founder of Zappos.com

“Jack is a true gentleman… one of the nicest individuals… a skilled and intelligent coach and mentor… extremely bright, energetic, and dedicated, while at the same time possessing a truly enlightened grasp of Marketing in its fullest sense.”
– Jack McCormack, the founder of US Suzuki, US Honda, and many other companies

I can’t state enough positives about Jack to describe his contributions to the company. Jack believes in going that ‘extra mile.’
– Cass Landon, the President of Mission Industries

“… he’s amazing… a great resource. The whole SEO/SEM & affiliate marketing business can be a little slimy - Jack is one of the few people we've met who is a truly decent guy, with the utmost integrity. Right now our affiliate program is the only area of our marketing that is doing better than last year, by almost 50%. Thanks Jack! You're doing a ‘Super Job’…”
- Rebecca Jennings, the CEO of HipsandCurves.com

“Jack, one of the most remarkable people in our industry, has been managing programs since 1998. He's restructured companies from zeros to INC 500 status and increased (the) Zappos (program) tenfold to over $100 million/year! Besides his golden touch, he's (a) real, honest, and caring guy! I wholeheartedly support him and encourage all to join his programs because he makes sure you, the affiliate are protected.”
– Haiko de Poel, Jr., Owner and Administrator of ABestWeb, affiliate marketing forum with over 47,000 members.

"Jack, Welcome to ABW .... You are a legend in the industry and have a stellar track record running the Zappos program ...."
- Andy Rodriguez, Affiliate Marketing Consultant

Here are two recent posts from ABestWeb.com - the world's largest affiliate marketing forum:

“Hey, aren't you the guy who used to manage Zappos, in its early days, when it was parasite free and rocking?”

"Hi Jack, I miss these good old days of Zappos. All the best..."

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